BUILD NOW PAY LATER By Southern Eagles Construction

What is Build now Pay Later?

The Build Now Pay Later program is designed for Lot Owners, who are planning to build their dream house, but are short on budget. We can help you build your dream house with our Build Now Pay Later scheme, through the bank or Pag-Ibig house loan with a minimal down payment to start building your dream house. This is applicable to people who already own a land or lot. 

Southern Eagles Construction is a Design and Build Contractor anywhere in Luzon and Visayas. We support the Build Now Pay Later program and help lot owners to starts building the house they dreamed, of for their loved ones. 

Who are Qualified for Build now Pay Later?

  1. Those with Existing lot Register under their names or immediate Family with Clean Title. 
  2. With Financial Capability or can acquire a loan to Bank or Pag-Ibig.
  3. Minimum of 80 Sqm floor area, and at least project cost of 1.5 Million.

If you think you are qualified for this program don’t hesitate to talk with us, we offer free assistance, a free ocular visit, and an initial estimate of the project you want to start. 

What are process on Build Now Pay Later?

  1. Initial Discussion about the project. This may include an ocular visit, plotting, and getting the information about the design you want in your dream house. 
  2. Complete 6 Sets of  Working drawings once the design is ready for finalization, complete 6 sets of drawings may follow, these include the architectural plan, electrical, structural, plumbing sanitary with BOQ/ BOM, Blueprint with sign and seal, and bill of materials. This will have 40,000 prior to execution. and complete payment of all sets of drawings is upon delivering 40,000.  If you choose us to be your contractor this will be deductible from your total contract ( complete 6 sets of drawings).  
  3. The signing of Contract once all is settled, signing the contract may follow, this is between you as our client and Southern Eagles Construction. And the construction of your dream house will start. 

I have my House Design, Can I still avail the Build now Pay Later?

Yes, you can avail our the build now and pay later by presenting your House Design from your architect. We can proceed with other requirements for us to start. Like the application for your Bank Loan or Pag Ibig, building permits and etc. 

If I don’t have yet Design for my Dream house? 

We are here to help you.  set an appointment with us, so we can discuss the design you want for your dream house.  We have sample house designs. We can customize the design you want for your house.